The speaker technology developed by Accent Acoustique has been asked for patent in 2022, it is still too early to disclose the invention. When it will be possible (soon) to communicate on the architecture of the loudspeaker, we will be happy to publish diagrams and explanations. However, we can give you the following information:

The midrange/tweeter is integrated in a D’Appolito type assembly. The low crossover frequency (650Hz) allows a speaker center distance exactly equal to one quarter of the wavelength, which is almost never the case in other systems. The drivers are also temporally aligned with respect to the positioning of the diaphragms in the depth plane.

The cabinet also represents a large part of the speaker’s performance. The cabinet is made in our workshop by pouring a highly powdered, fiber-reinforced ceramic mixture into a mold to produce a finished one-piece cabinet. All walls of the frame are at least 30mm thick. This material provides a very high level of inertia due to its ability to dissipate vibrations but also due to its high mass. A single bare frame weighs 45kg.

avant de l'enceinte Trois en construction
arrière de l'enceinte Trois en construction

A great attention to detail is also given to the internal wiring and the design of the filters. The components are systematically oversized and of the highest possible quality. All internal cables are made of high purity, varnished single stranded copper wire. The cross-sections are chosen according to the loudspeakers and their frequency range. The cables are braided by hand. All internal connections are soldered, even on the speaker terminals.