Model « Three » Speaker

The Model Three loudspeaker is the result of the third prototype required for its development. It took three years to design the midrange/high frequency driver at the heart of this speaker and all the other components. Almost everything lies in the midrange, so we developed a driver that works at these frequencies. This speaker is presented in detail in the Technical section. In this section you will also find information about the design of the speaker chassis, which is made in one piece. The Model Three speaker is therefore a condensation of the very best in acoustics. One of the main objectives was to offer exceptional reproduction in a small footprint. Indeed, the speaker is no wider than an A4 sheet of paper. This contained size, which could be a handicap, is in fact a strength because its exemplary design allow them “disappearing” during listening.

Avant de l'enceinte acoustique par Accent Acoustique
Arrière du modèle « Trois »


In order to get a contained size with high performance, only the best components and materials should be used. First order filter is used (slope of 6dB/octave and cutting at 650Hz). This crossover preserves the signal from any degradation but imposes on our midrange/high frequency driver a very wide operating range and a certain capacity to accept low frequencies. The loudspeaker is equipped with an active subwoofer (25Hz – 80Hz) with its own dedicated amplifier board. This solution is optimal because an active system with sealed box gives perfect results and allows to go down to about 25 Hertz without attenuation and preserving all the dynamics. Sounds that were previously hidden in the recordings are now revealed. In addition, the presence of low and sub-low frequencies allows the midrange/treble register to be highlighted in a striking way.

The absence of aggressiveness and the “naturalness” of these speakers also comes from this; because the main problem of classic speakers is to have a spectrum shifted upwards which leads to a certain listening fatigue.


The colour of the loudspeaker can be chosen by the customer. More extensive customisation is possible on request, such as the choice of other wood types or the colour of the feet and front panel.

Accent Acoustique loudspeakers are made to last for many years, planned obsolescence does not apply to us.

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